We are TGN, we Breathe Eat Live Networking

TGN started with a plan to be a one-stop-shop for wireless resellers, installers, and all those who need access to a wide range of high-quality wireless communications equipment at competitive prices.

Our Mission

At TGN, we listen and understand your business so that we can provide you with the right products without compromising on quality. We won’t offer a solution unless we’re confident that it fits your requirements. We fix what we sell, we bother about solutions and understands solution.

Our Strength

TGN’s staff have extensive knowledge and understanding of our products, we use the same technology we sell and can tailor a solution to any customer’s budget and requirements.

Why Us

TGN is a Singapore based eCommerce supplier of wireless & networking products. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled technical knowledge backed by 15 years experience in wireless networking. Our main brands are Ubiquiti, MikroTik, Synology & Peplink.


Who We Are

We are your number one source for all things Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Synology and Peplink. We're dedicated to providing you the best of IT networking products, with a focus on dependability and customer service.

We're working to turn our passion for Networking into a booming online store. We hope you enjoy our products/offerings as much as we enjoy offering them to you.